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October 27, 2011

I love my Ecofan!

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The weather around Seattle is getting cooler. I’ve started a few fires in my wood stove already. As I was watching the fire burn last night, I thought about how much I like the Ecofan my mom got me for Christmas last year.
The fan sits on top of my wood stove and blows air out into the room. Best of all, it requires no external electricity and no batteries!

The fan uses the thermoelectric effect to generate electricity. This means that you have to place the fan near the edge of your stove so one side of the fan is slightly cooler than the other. One neat feature is if the fan gets too hot, a bimetallic strip on the bottom will curl up causing the fan to tilt. This allows air to circulate under the fan.

The fan does not make a sound. It is completely quiet. Also, it is not spinning fast enough to hurt you if you happen to stick a finger into it. I would say it is safe around kids but your kids shouldn’t be that close to your wood stove. 🙂

If you have a wood stove and you don’t have a wood stove fan, then you need to get one of these fans!

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