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28 dogs die in training facility as AC fails

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

The following occurred at the dog training facility that Mary used when we lived in Arizona: 28 dogs die in training facility as AC fails Leighton, the owner, has got to be devistated with the loss because he truely loves raising and training dogs.

Arizona on fire

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

The desert is on fire just a couple miles north from where I lived in Arizona. Friends say they can hardly stand outside of their homes because the smoke is so bad. The Phoenix area received a lot of rain this past winter which resulted in a ton of dry weeds that will burn easily […]

The grass is brown in Arizona

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

I moved to Bainbridge Island in September of 2003 from Cave Creek, Arizona (just north of Phoenix). My wife and I were tired of the heat so we packed up and moved to the island. I am amazed at how many people I run into in Washington that dream of moving to Arizona. It is […]